As a much welcomed attempt at improving the intellectual property scene in the country, Cyprus issued the Commercial Trademark Act of 2020. The new Law, along with the Implementing Regulations, were published in the Official Gazette and entered into force in June 2020.

In addition to increasing the protection period of trademarks from 7 years to 10 years, the new provisions allow for a multi-class application system as well as the option of an amicable settlement during opposition. The new Law harmonizes the practice with the one adopted by the European Union.  Some other features of the new Law are:

  • Division of Trademark Applications: It will now be possible for an applicant to transform a single application into several divisional applications. At any time before registration, an applicant may request that their application be divided into two or more separate applications, with each relating to different goods or services. The division of trademark applications will allow applicants to avoid delays that may arise throughout the registration, for example from an opposition proceeding filed by a third party. Further, in the event that the decision in the office action or opposition proceedings is rendered against the applicant, the other classes that have been segregated by way of division will not be affected.
  • Unconventional Marks: The definition of a figurative representation of a sign has been expanded to include color, sound, motion, and holographic marks.
  • Expanded Online Services: Applicants will be able to pay a single fee for the entire registration process and submit missing forms, or evidence, through the electronic platform, ensuring the legality of the transaction, having as evidence the date and time of the completion of the transaction.

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