A new Advertising Law (Law no. 1 of 2012) was issued on March 19, 2012 in Qatar. The Law will only be effective once the implementing regulations are issued.

The salient features of the new law are as follows:

– Arabic shall be the main language used on billboards. Other languages may be used along with Arabic according to rules determined by the relevant municipalities.
–  The advertisement shall not violate public morals and shall not cause any insult to any religion.
– The trademarks and trade names mentioned in the advertisement shall not breach the Law or any other official statement.
– The advertisement shall not create any confusion with the traffic sign boards.
– The advertisement shall not be installed in a way that blocks visibility and shall not constitute any obstacle to the vehicle traffic and pedestrian movement. It shall not be installed as well in places of worship, historic or archeological facilities, trees and traffic lights.
– The advertisement shall not be installed in a private property without the written approval of the property owner. It shall not as well harm any public facilities.
– A renewable license shall be given to the owner of the advertisement who should remove it once the validity period is over.

The new Law does not apply to newspaper advertisements. Penalties will be imposed on everyone who violates the provisions of the new Law.
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