The new implementing regulations of Trademark Law no. 23 of 2010 will be soon issued. The main features of the regulations include:

1- Increase of fees: the official fees for most IP-related matters are expected to substantially increase in comparison with their current level.

2- Drop of the local sub-classification system: the 8th edition of the Nice classification will be adopted with no local sub-classification.

By way of background, Law no. 23 of 2010 was introduced on November 22, 2010 and entered into force on February 23, 2011. This Law will replace the existing laws in the country but will only be effective once the related implementing regulations are issued.

The main features of this law are as follows:

– The opposition period has been shortened from six months to 90 days from the publication date (Article 14)

– The new law recognizes famous marks even in the absence of registration (Article 6)

– The new law introduces severe penalties against violators (Articles 41 to 60)

– The grace period for late renewal is extended to 12 months instead of three months as per the provisions of the previous law (Article 17)

– The new law introduces clear provisions regarding the recordal of assignments and licenses (Article 25 to 29)

– The new law introduces clear provisions on the protection of geographical indications and the circumstances a registration of a trademark bearing a geographical indication is admissible (Article 32 to 40)

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